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5 important Youth Soccer Drills 


Youth Soccer Drills 

Youth soccer drills, above all else, have to keep athletes engaged. These drills mean make the athletes perform proficiently and hone their skills at best. They also need lessons in mental toughness, perseverance, and attention to detail. Youth soccer drills must push athletes both physically and mentally to become better players.

Mental Preparation

One of the most important part of Youth soccer drills is to prepare athletes mentally for competition. Repetitive drills encourage athletes to do quite a few things, including focus, pay attention to the details of their technique, and watch for minor changes in play style,

Also includes improvements. However, drills that are interactive and changeable, challenge athletes as well, encouraging them to work together as a team, anticipate moves from the opponent, and communicate effectively in order to achieve success.

2v1 Offense

Youth soccer drills should also have a component of practicality to them, so that athletes know what they may face in a competition. This drill comprises two offensive players and one defensive player. The two offensive players must get the ball around the defender. The defender must stopover the offensive players from gaining more ground or going around them. The goal for the defender is to steal the ball.

To perform this drill, the offensive players must know how to observe and reach each other and work together for success. The defender must learn to read the offensive players and anticipate their next moves, allowing him to take control of the ball.

For this drill, offensive player should start play from one end. And the players should have three minutes to achieve their goals, when the goal of offensive player is to reach mid-field. The defender’s goal is to keep the ball as close to the initial point as possible.

Circle Defense

This soccer drill starts with two defenders in the middle of a circle of attackers, or offensive players. The attackers work to keep control of the ball, while the inside defenders work to take the ball. If an attacker kicks the ball outside the circle or allows a defender to gain possession, that person becomes a defender.

This drill is spotless for teams of all ages, as it focuses on passing, defending, and the mental side of defense. Players have to anticipate the attackers’ next moves and try to stop them in order to get out of the circle. For the attackers, they must keep their point of view to themselves and not give anything away, so the defenders will have nothing to anticipate.


Youth Soccer drills must challenge athletes mentally and physically in order to properly prepare them for competition. The drills provided here that helps to

a. Encourage athletes to work together for success
b. Read opponent’s next move
c. Make strategic decisions in order to keep or get possession of the ball
d. By working together, athletes build social skills.

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