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Best soccer moves to beat a defender


Several soccer moves act as weapons for an attacker to beat defenders or build space during a soccer match to make a successful shot or pass. Soccer moves can help a soccer attack get in behind the opposition to get or create goals. The best approach to enhance your soccer moves is by redundancies and practice.

Get to know about the ten best soccer moves

Best soccer moves to beat a defender

Want to beat a defender? Here are the ten best soccer moves we teach here in Kissimmee soccer academy

  • Shoulder Feint
  • Step Over
  • Jump Cut
  • Through Legs
  • Inside Hook
  • Outside Hook
  • Zidane Roulette
  • Cruyff Turn
  • Matthews Feint
  • Pivot

Shoulder Feint
A shoulder feint should be applied when the defender facing you. Bend your shoulder in order to make the defender believe that you are going to move to one side, then when setting your foot to one side, use the edge of the opposite foot to get the ball away and behind the defender, stimulating away.

Step Over
The stepover is done when dribbling ahead when the defender is facing you. Move your foot around the ball and set it to fake that you are running one way, then immediately use the opposite foot to hit in the other place and accelerate away.

Jump Cut
When dribbling full pace with a defender near to you, use the back of your outer foot to hit the ball at a 90-degree angle and take over the ball with your standing leg. Then swiftly change track and accelerate away after the beaten defender.

Through Legs
When a defender is fronting you, feint working one way or the other, and mark if the defender has his feet covered in the defensive position. If an opportunity exists, move the ball gently between the defender’s legs and stimulate away.

Inside Hook
An inside hook is a kind of soccer offense intended to perform a side-to-side space. When dribbling one way, hook your foot around the soccer ball and use the knuckle of your high toe to pull the ball back at an excellent angle in front of the confused defender.

Outside Hook
When dribbling to one front, reach nearby the ball with your inner foot, and use the knuckle of your pinky toe to pull the ball back in the front of the defender.

Cruyff Turn
The Cruyff turn is most useful when you are dribbling ahead with a defender running alongside. Set your inner foot and smoothly drag the ball back following your standing foot before turning and accelerating away after the defender.

Zidane Roulette
The Zidane Roulette is a circuit turn often used by Zinedine Zidane. Store your cleats on the ball and gently pull it back, spin so your rear is to the defender and, while turning, pull the ball back behind the facing defender and accelerate away.

Matthews Feint
The world star Stanley Matthews was the inventor of this soccer move. Tap the ball smoothly with the middle of the foot and fake running in that direction, then instantly start the standing foot and use the edge of the dribbling foot to do a definite change of direction.

Use the center of your foot to cradle the soccer ball as you turn, and watch for an open shooting or passing lane.

In this part, you have learned about the ten best soccer moves. But facts mentioned in this part are just a small part of what you want to know as the soccer player. To get an update, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram

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