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Best ways to increase your shooting Power


Having a powerful, strong shot is useful for soccer players for several causes. For one, it enables you to strike with power, blocking the keeper from getting a save. And two, it makes you intimidation to score from a distance, converting you into a more productive player who needs greater attention from the defense. Having a dull shot, on the other hand, will seem little fear into the defense and will enable the keeper to save many of your tries surely. How do you go about developing a thunderous shot? Do you carry extra time after training and kick till you can’t kick anymore, hoping that your leg power and strength will come finally? Although the extra on-field work is never a bad idea, it’s not the most efficient way to improve shooting power.

Get to know about the best ways to increase your shooting power

Get to know about the best ways to increase your shooting power

Here are some techniques to increase shooting power we teach here in Kissimmee Soccer Academy

  • Sumo Deadlift Variations
  • Split Squats
  • Front Squats
  • Low-Back Extensions
  • A.b Wheel Rollouts

Sumo Deadlift Variations
Deadlift variations should previously be a staple in every athlete’s exercise program. I prefer the Sumo (wide stance) Deadlift because of the extra emphasis it puts on your hips and glutes. As before mentioned, hip strength is going to be a key portion if you want to get some more mustard on your shots. The key role of the glute fibers is to move the thigh, so they also perform a crucial role. If you’re fresh to the Sumo Deadlift movement, you can initially practice it with a kettlebell before proceeding to a barbell.

Split Squats 
Now that you’ve got the main mixture to lift out of the way, it’s time to concentrate on the finer aspects. Picking the right accessory moves can make or cut your pursuit for hitting power. Heavy Dumbbell Step-Ups over a box is one of my favorite methods to increase functional strength. They stimulate the quadriceps, ankles, knees, hips, and glutes while preparing you to support and activate your core to stay reserved. Split Squats (with or without weight) are another key training for developing athletic power.

Front Squats
Front Squats set more weight on the quadriceps and core than Back Squats do, and they’re simple to scale for any player. A kettlebell or dumbbell can simply replace the barbell to allow the player time to learn the movement in a “Goblet Squat” state before adding a barbell. The fact that Front Squats more efficiently target the core than any other squat varieties is key, as hitting a soccer ball with huge power requires a notable contribution from the core musculature.

Low-Back Extensions
Low-Back Extensions may not be recognized as a “big exercise” in the usual sense of the term, but the advantages they provide for players are tremendous. If you’re new to the action, there’s a good opportunity you can reap several of these advantages without adding any extra weight to the exercise.

A.b Wheel Rollouts
When placing up for a power shot, your last pace toward the ball will possibly be the longest. But that also indicates your feet will be the greatly apart—a position where it can be easy to lose your balance. What’s the genuine way to make sure you don’t get beaten off the ball before you score the game-winning goal? Train your core!
Ab Wheel Rollouts are one of the perfect core workouts for players since they exercise the core to achieve its natural purpose: to counter extension. A well-trained, strong core will be able to maintain the energy losses that can drain power from your shot

In this part, you have learned about the best ways to increase your shooting power. But facts mentioned in this part are just a small part of what you want to know as the soccer player. To get an update, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram

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