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Get to know about Rules & Regulations of Yellow Card


Soccer refs use yellow cards to give an official warning to a player, substitute player. Unlike a spoken warning, a yellow card can have more severe and long-lasting effects. A ref might show a player a yellow card for a number of various reasons. Get register with Kissimmee Soccer Academy and enjoy free classes.


 Yellow Card Rules & Regulations for Soccer

 Yellow Card Rules & Regulations for Soccer

Yellow card rules and regulation for soccer by Kissimmee Soccer Academy

  • Standard Player Cautions
  • Unsporting Behavior and Dissent
  • Substitute Cautions
  • Persistent Infringement
  • Two Yellow Cards is equal to Red

Standard Player Cautions

A referee will reveal a player a yellow card for a number of regular offenses, as defined by FIFA’s Rules of the Game. Pausing the restart of the game is a yellow card offense, as it is a mess to maintain the required length from a restart. Both possible cautions apply to free kicks, corner kicks, and throw-ins. According to FIFA, an athlete always must receive approval from the referee before joining, re-joining or intentionally leaving the field of play.

Unsporting Behavior and Dissent

The referee uses his option when deciding to warn a player for unsporting conduct or dissent. Unsporting conduct includes any try to cheat or bypass the laws of the game. It also includes acts of aggression such as swearing, striking or spitting another player. Dissent covers any word or action that presents disdain for or opposition to the referee’s decisions. Pleading with the referee often leads to a yellow card, but the lines are not always clear. If a player uses the foul word when talking straight to the referee, he almost surely will receive a yellow card. Dissent by action involves any visible display of anger after a refereeing judgment. For example, kicking the soccer ball away in anger, tossing a water bottle or striking a corner flag could appear in a yellow card.

Persistent Infringement

Some activities, such as overly disruptive tackles, might appear only in a free-kick to the opposition. If a player remains to foul in this practice, though, the referee might decide to give him a yellow card for determining infringement of the laws.

Substitute Cautions

The referee can warn players even if they are not on the strike. This includes substitute athletes sitting in the cave or warming up on the touchline. These athletes can be cautioned for unsporting conduct, dissent by word or action or pausing the restart of play.

Two Yellow Cards is equal to Red

If a player gets a second yellow card during the sequence of a single match, the referee will quickly show him a red card and order him off the field of play. The athlete cannot return to the field of play throughout the match, and his team will have no choice but to play with one less player. And in many known leagues, a player will get a fine, suspension or both if he gets a certain number of yellow cards during the match.

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