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Get to know about Soccer Game Strategies


Traditional soccer strategies can have a huge effect both upon defending and attacking styles of play. A coach usually chooses a strategy with two ideas in mind: the noted strengths and weaknesses of the opponent and the known strengths of his own athletes. Get register with My Soccer Academy and avail free classes or you can call us for more information 800-672-5181

Best Strategies for the Soccer 

Best Strategies for the Soccer 

Long Ball

The long-ball approach is the most elementary tactic in soccer. The soccer ball is moved from defense to attack in the most straightforward manner possible, with long, lofted approaches often bypassing the midfield entirely. The long-ball strategy is most useful when a team possesses a great and physically strong forward or striker. This “point man” uses his height and power to gather up the long ball or deliver the ball to a supporting member.


Possession soccer is a plan designed to give a team greater charge of the game. A short passing system is practiced, often coupled with a slow tempo, to reject the opposition possession of the soccer ball. Possession soccer is an extremely technical strategy, demanding skillful athletes and good team experience on the field.

Counter Attack

Counter kicking soccer can be very useful, particularly for teams with fast striking players. A counter-attack is started as soon as an opposite attack is snuffed out, the defending team growing forward in an attempt to get the opposition off guard.

Wing Play

Wing play is an approach that focuses upon performing the ball wide down both sides of the area. There are two main causes of why this strategy could be executed. Firstly, a team in the hold of quick and skilled wingers or wide midfielders may want to give these athletes more of the ball in order to maximize their effectiveness. Secondly, a mentor may find a weakness in the opposite defense that could be shown by attacks down the wings.


The overlapping approach is a style of wing play. Wide defenders, known as full-backs, are given support to get forward and attack by pushing up the field and overlapping the wide wingers, or midfielders. The overlap is “used essentially in the opposition’s half of the strike and is an effective defense for building depth and width in the attacking game.” Other athletes need to cover for the defender when he hits.

Closing Down

Closing down, or locking down, is a protective strategy. It is a high-pressure form of a defense often used in all parts of the area. When the defensive team has ownership of the ball, the defending athletes will close them down quickly. This can unsettle the opponent, giving them limited time to choose their passes.

Offside Trap

The offside trap is a defensive approach and has little impact on a team’s attacking play. Step up in front of an opposing ahead when suitable, thus stranding the last in an offside position.” This approach relies on a good team. If one defender fails to proceed with the rest of the backline, the opposing attacker may not be taken in an offside position, pointing to a clear goal-scoring chance.

In this part, you have learned about Soccer Game Strategies. But facts mentioned in this part are just a small part of what you want to know as the soccer player. To get more updates, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram


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