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Get to know about the Explosive Speed Workouts for Soccer


Explosive speed is important if you want to surpass any sport that needs quick running speed, such as track, soccer, lacrosse, and football. To develop explosive speed, a three-pronged plan that includes speed drills, strength training, and plyometrics workouts will prepare your muscles to accelerate swiftly and sustain speed as you sprint. My Soccer Academy offers free registration and free classes. Call us for more information 800-672-5181

Soccer Workouts for Explosive Speed 

Soccer Workouts for Explosive Speed 

Getting Started

Before you start exercising for explosive speed, you’ll need a good set of running shoes, a stopwatch, and a way to track and strength training tools. Always exercise basic training safety by warming up your muscles before every concourse and finishing with a cool-down period and entire body stretches. To see a pattern of your explosive speed development, have sprint 100 meters. Over time and with the training you should see remarkable growth in your overall sprinting time.

Speed It Up

Speed training is a necessity when you want to prepare for explosive speed. Speed exercises address and aim to increase your muscle’s ability to function anaerobically without depends on oxygen. In explosive sprinting exercises, you should point to run at 90 to 95 percent of your supreme ability. To build volcanic power try the speed training “Ins and Outs” 3 times per week. For the first 3 weeks of training sprint as fast as you can for 20 meters, run at an easy speed for 20 meters and complete with 20 more meters of sprinting. Repeat this series 3 more times. After week 3, shift to 30 meters fast, 30 meters light and 30 meters fast, making five repetitions total.

Pump It Up

Strength training workouts that target your whole body, not just the legs, can provide loaded speed. Aim for 3 training days where you concentrate on strength training and plan at least one day of rest within each exercise session. On your off days, sprint training, running, and another cardiovascular workout is encouraged. As you begin exercising, start with light loads and high repetitions, operating each muscle until it fatigues. Every two to 3 weeks, increase the number of weight incrementally and reduce the number of reps. Advised strength training exercises incorporate squats, snatches, bench presses, lunges with weights, and power cleans.

Plyometric Power

Plyometrics are various types of jumps that develop the muscles to lengthen eccentrically and enhance neuromuscular reflexes. While the jumps may appear simple, they are a compelling and effective tool for improving your explosive speed. Aim to do plyometric workouts two times per week, connected either with sprinting training or strength exercise. Allow one to two days of relaxation in between plyometrics sessions. Examples of plyometric workouts include tuck jumps, bounding, single-leg hops, jumping on and off an incline. For a well-balanced plyometric session, choose 5 jumping exercises and do five repetitions of each jump.

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