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Get to know about the Soccer Fullback 


Although strikers get much of the beauty in soccer, the fullbacks who play anonymously behind them show that defensive errors do not deny the strikers’ goals. In the elite women’s sport, for example, athletes such as Kate Markgraf may be less well-known than Mia Hamm and Abby Wambach. Still, she treated anchor the U.S. women’s national team in 201 international matches of stingy defense. She served for 11 years seamlessly with her team member, showing the role of a fullback as the team received medals in the FIFA Women’s World Cup and the Olympics. Let my soccer academy guide you on soccer fullback. Call Us at 800-672-5181 for free registration.

Get to know about the Soccer Fullback 

Soccer Fullbacks


In American soccer, the fullback is an offensive athlete, usually an especially big and muscular player who lines up behind the quarter -back, at the vastest distance from the line of scrimmage. He fundamentally blocks for the halfback or attempts to gain a first down in short-yardage spots. In soccer, a fullback then lines up at the greatest extent behind the midfield line during kickoffs. But he focuses on defense, and this is in a sight more analogous to a cornerback or security in American soccer terms.


In a typical 4-4-2 formation, 4 fullbacks line up in the head of the goalkeeper and behind 4 midfielders and 2 forwards. Even if a team seeks to have a stronger midfield by adding another midfielder to play in the 4-5-1, the amount of fullbacks stays consistent. A team with an overwhelming lead over another team might consider a three-fullback lineup, but such a structure is considered dated given the offensive powers of most teams in the modern era.

Center Backs

In the four-fullback order, two center fullbacks stand most adjoining the middle of the area. One may sting somewhat forward and act as a stopper, trying to take the ball from any forwards rampaging down the middle of the field. The other common fullback may stand slightly behind the stopper, acting as a sweeper — the athlete who acts as the last line of defense before the goalie. Sweepers also play a leadership position within the defense, calling out team members by name and commanding them to pick up attacking athletes on the other team.

Wing Backs

Right and left fullbacks, also name as wing-backs, stand toward the sides of the field. They try to block attacking athletes out on the wings, helpless to dribble into the center or cross the soccer ball in toward the penalty area for a viable shot on the goal. The wing-backs may create immediate offense if they succeed in building a turnover. They can dribble ahead with the soccer ball, pass it to the wing midfielder performing in front of them, to the center midfielder or all the route up to one of the forwards.

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