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How to Get a Stronger Shot in Soccer


 Strong soccer shot bangs and looks like a work of art, as the shooter’s foot bites against the ball’s cover with a loud, deep noise. That sound — caught from goal scorers known for powerful shots, that can give the goalie second thoughts about placing out a hand to stop a scorcher that may be moving 70 mph or more. If your trials at scoring are more like explosive puffs than cannon fire, you can serve to make your soccer shot stronger. Let my Soccer Academy guide you on how to get a stronger shot in Soccer.

Get to know about the strong shot in Soccer 

Get to know about the strong shot in Soccer 

Approach the soccer ball, look up to find the corners of the goal and determine the direction the ball must need to go into a corner. Aim your shot to go over the face of the goal on the way to a distant corner, to make it more challenging to handle for the goalie.

Hit the center of the ball with the bands part of your shoe in what soccer tongue terms the “instep drive shot.” Strikethrough the soccer ball by using your entire body, not just your leg, to produce power, with your arms out at your facets for stability. Balance your bend and head over the ball. Hold your head steady and follow the ball so it stays flat and doesn’t go over the crossbar.

Exercise as much as feasible. Focus on getting your weaker foot as strong as the powerful foot. Emulate athletes such as Beckham, who tarry after practice and take more shots to work on their shooting. Exercise on your weak positions in shooting, be it the area of your plant foot or the follow-through of your kicking stake after connection with the ball.

Extend your legs and your whole body to complement your shooting method work. Perform drills to strengthen the glutes and hamstrings, muscles particular to soccer shooting. Make kickbacks on a cable kickback tool, or with a check band running from support to the back of your Achilles ligament, suggests exercise physiologist Donald T. Kirkendall in “Soccer Anatomy.” Or increase these muscles with kettlebell swings, barbell deadlifts or hip extensions, using a durability ball.

Control on the hamstrings, glutes and calf muscles by performing a back-to-back squat if you lack access to gym facilities. Hook elbows with your companion as you lean back, your feet about 2 feet from your partner’s. Squat concurrently until your knees form 90-degree angles and then stand in unison.

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