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Importance of Balance for Sports.


The game of soccer is very much a game of balance

There are billions of cells in the human body called proprioceptors. They work together to transmit a variety of sensory messages to the brain about things such as speed, direction, pressure, heat, cold, and vibration.  Taken together, the information collected by proprioceptors creates in an athlete awareness about how his or her body feels in space when performing certain skills, whether it is in kicking a ball down the field or avoiding a slide tackle.  In a very real sense, it is proprioception – the body’s innate sense of movement in space – that makes an athlete “athletic.”

The game of soccer is very much a game of balance. Being able to escape defenders, jump over attacks and just control your own body can be a difficult challenge. By creating a strong center of gravity and building stomach muscles, you can increase your sense of balance and control over movements. Developing a strong mid-section will also benefit your shot. With strong abdominal muscles your shot will be much harder and travel with a greater velocity. Here are a couple of sit up drills to help you create and maintain a solid mid-section.

One way to reduce an soccer player’s risk of injury is to perform exercises designed to improve balance and proprioception, such as.

  • a single leg balance while tossing a ball back and forth
  • single leg squats
  • balancing on one leg on a foam pad
  • walking on balance beam
  • arm curls while in a lunge position; and
  • walking “high kicks” with knee straight

The best part about balance training is that no heavy weights are essential and can advantage any athlete at any age. This is mostly helpful during rehabilitation process due to injury. It involves testing using simple side-to-side balance exercises to compare the injured side to the uninjured side. Very commonly, the balance of the uninjured ankle, knee, or hip is just as poor as the injured side. Having good balance is an essential part of athletic movement, for any kind of sport.

But the best part is that, every athlete can improve their athletic balance, not only improving their skills but reducing their risk of injury.

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