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My Soccer Academy U4 Youth Soccer exercises program


U4 youth soccer athletes are normally not ready for serious games but can still enjoy mastering the fundamentals and commands of the game. As a coach, you can carry fun, age-appropriate exercises during each practice sitting. Doing so will enter your athletes to the basic abilities of soccer and give them good cause to keep heading for the goal once their muscles and coordination make up with their heart for the game. My soccer academy holds the best U 14 Soccer Drills program. Call us for more information 800-672-5181.

U4 Youth Soccer Drills program

U 14 Soccer drills

These drills are the part of our My Soccer Academy U 14 soccer program

  • Driving School
  • Tiger Ball
  • Shooting Drill

Driving School

This training is based on normal driving directions. Have your athletes form a group on either sideline, bordering the opposite sideline, with a lot of space between each member. Give each player a soccer ball and call out loud verbal directions such as “drive forward,” “right turn,” left turn,” “traffic jam” and “head-on impact.” When you speak “traffic jam,” the members stop the ball and tap either foot on top of the ball until you give another call. When you speak “head-on collision,” the members stop the ball, get on their hands and knees and hit their heads on top of the ball until you give further directions. Remain like this for 30 to 60 seconds, let your athletes rest shortly, and then repeat the exercise multiple times. Allow the youngsters to run as quickly or gently as they want but support them to move freely enough to control the ball.

U4 Youth Soccer Drills program


Tiger Ball

This drill enters U4 soccer athletes to the concepts of passing and performing defense while teaching them to give the ball and work collectively as a team. Place 4 cones in a square, 5 yards apart. Have an offensive athlete stand at each cone and a defensive athlete in the center of the square. Give a Soccer ball to one of the offensive athletes. The offensive players frequently pass the ball throughout the square to their team members, trying to keep the soccer ball away from the defensive player for 30 seconds. The opposing player tries to catch the ball before the timer terminates. The defensive athlete switches with an offensive athlete following every 30 seconds. Have them play at least 5 times, giving each member the chance to play defense once. Have the offensive members practice passing the soccer ball around the square without a defender if the exercise seems too difficult.

Shooting Drill

This training teaches toddlers to shoot the soccer ball accurately by frequently kicking the soccer ball into an empty goal. Make a line form 5 players about 5 yards away from a goal and give each athlete a ball. The first member kicks the soccer ball into the net, runs to recover it, and then moves to the back of the line. If he drops, he tries again until he wins before the second member takes his turn. Cycle within the line multiple times, helping and praising each player’s work. Teach the athletes to encourage their team members as well. You can play a game by scoring how many goals they can make in a row or inside a specified amount of time if desired.

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