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Soccer Coaching Program at Remington Soccer Location


My Soccer Academy Remington Soccer Program focused at developing individual skills. Directed by our professional coaches of MSA. The programs goal is to advance each participant with a demanding technical curriculum that is specific to the players age and ability in a fun and friendly environment. Tasks covered is designed solely on taking each individual player to the next level.

Different specific strategies are selected and the participants partake in different activities order to develop them completely. The goal for the participant is to not only be able to demonstrate the correct technique for the skill but to also understand the concept of the skill and its use in a game situation. All the given tasks are based on the individual skill of each child and everyone is challenged according to their personal level not that of the group.

My Soccer Academy Coaching Program is designed for boys and girls of various age  It is especially for those that are seeking a ‘player focused’ approach in developing talent. The academy program involves higher levels of commitment from both players and parents- with a regular periodized outdoor activities

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Glimpse of our Remington Soccer program

  • Our objective is to build broad growth of a player, physical, Psychological and Social development
  • Our Soccer program is envisioned for players aged 2 – 16
  • We offer step by step coaching program for the players aged 2 – 16.
  • We have diverse soccer level for particular age groups
  • Kids get to learn soccer skills in a fun and safe environment
  • My Soccer Academy coaches are licensed by the U.S Soccer Federation
  • We have no obligation FREE trial sessions for new players


More Soccer fun is in store for youngsters with our Hunters Creek Soccer Location :

More Soccer fun is in store for youngsters with our Hunters Creek Soccer Location.  You are welcome to come for a Free Soccer Practice in Hunters Creek to be able to see what we do and our coaching program. Also, your child will be able to participate in the soccer practice and play the game. This way, you will have a better opportunity to get to know more of who we are and what we do.

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