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Soccer games in Orlando Florida for all ages


When we are invited for soccer games in Orlando Florida, we know that it will be a tough tournament because of the high performance of other soccer clubs in the area.

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Orlando soccer games and tournaments details

Throughout the year, we are invited by many tournaments (good ones). Even though, we would like to go to each one of them, we cannot do it because of timing. Remember that there’s a major soccer league in Central Florida that all soccer clubs and soccer academies would like to participate in which is the GCF soccer league. Therefore, we can only go to a few soccer tournaments in the year.

Every tournament is an unbelievable experience, not only the players get excited but the parents and coaches get butterflies like if they were the ones playing the game. It’s so motivating seeing the parents cheering for their kids telling them “Go, keep up the great work and much more”.

Recent and upcoming soccer tournaments

About 3 to 4 weeks ago, we participated in the Challenge 3v3 tournament in Cocoa Beach for the U6 category. Within this age group we currently have 3 different teams competing. They did an awesome performance and they got their first medal, players couldn’t believe it, they were so happy.
Also, we are getting ready for the upcoming tournament which is the Disney Soccer Tournament at the ESPN complex. Everyone is super excited and we are only 1 month away from it. Therefore, players are training 4 days per week to be prepared for this major soccer tournament because they need to learn all the rules and guidelines.

Soon, we will be posting all the images from each event so you (the reader/viewer) can see how much fun we have. We might record some videos as well so everyone can see a sneak peek of the games. So stay tuned and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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