My Soccer Academy offering soccer classes for all ages.
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Soccer Levels

My Soccer Academy is proud to have 3 soccer levels as part of our own crafted soccer program, where every player regardless of the level will learn the 4 main pillars of the game.

Soccer Levels: Formation, Competitive and Premier

We offer an opportunity to all of you that would like to learn and/or improve your soccer skills. We crafted our own teaching method with the main 4 pillars to have a complete soccer program. Below, please find the details on each soccer levels.

Recreational (Formation) Soccer Level

First of all, we take pride on being the only soccer academy in the Hunters Creek area to train all year round giving the opportunity to all players to learn and/or improve their soccer skills faster and better. It’s obvious, if you train all year without stopping, you will become better and better every week.

Let’s get to the Formation soccer level details: It is a step by step soccer program that will help the player develop his/her soccer skills to a point that they will feel comfortable and confident in a soccer practice and soccer game. Practices are twice per week, including games. Also, at this level, teams from different locations will meet once a month to play the ultimate MSA in-house games as an introduction of our competitive level and to build their confidence as soccer players. It is super fun and all players and parents love it. Check out our Orlando Soccer Academy Instagram page to see everything we do.

Competitive Soccer Level

As a fairly new soccer academy in Orlando (Hunters Creek area), we are super proud on the soccer league results this season. We signed up 5 teams: 9U, 11U, 12U, 14U and 16U. To summarize the results, 3 teams are the champions in which 2 were undefeated and the other 2 teams got the 2nd place in the most respected soccer league in Central Florida ( GCF soccer league ).
Why are we mentioning the above results, to let you know the type of teams your child can be part of. Our competitive level is directed by a former professional player (Nelson Velez). Also, coach Breytner Restrepo and Sebastian Rios are former professional players as well adding years of professional experience to these teams. Follow by a well respected licensed coach Carlos Ramirez. Their soccer training techniques, commitment, discipline and love/passion for the game, have giving these players what they need to not only improve their soccer skills but to become what they are CHAMPIONS!

Our competitive soccer program has the South American and European style, giving the players what they need to improve the four main pillars of a soccer player: physical, technical, tactical, and psychological. Each one of these factors/pillars are generally as important as the other, but keep in mind that each pillar takes priority during different phases and ages of the soccer player. Come to one of our soccer training (Bootcamps) to get to know more of what we do and how we do things inside My Soccer Academy. Just pre-registered for a Free Soccer Try-out.

Premier Soccer Level

Having over 60% of former professional players as coaches of My Soccer Academy, we have an advantage of knowing lots of professional teams in Central America, South America and Europe, which gives us the opportunity to partner up with a Professional team (Division 1) in Europe and in Mexico. This allows us, to focus on those players that excel and show hardwork, commitment, discipline and passion for the game. These players have the opportunity to be seeing by scouts and be able to travel overseas to go to a soccer tryout and possibly be chosen to start a professional soccer career. Those players that would like to have an opportunity just like our pro-players had when they started, can come and speak with our sports director Nelson Velez and Gustavo Jaramillo to request more information about the opportunity and elite soccer training.

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