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U10 Soccer Program for Lake Nona


U10 Soccer Program for Boys and Girls in Lake Nona

This exciting program helps your child make the transition from U8 category to enhance their skill level and tactical understanding of the game. U10 Soccer Players of Lake Nona are taught comprehensive ball skills and get to play more challenging games.

The goal of U10 Soccer program children about team play and positioning on the field, while still keeping the fun and enjoyment in the game


U10 soccer Coaching  program, is built on all the aspects of the U8 category and new skills of U10 Soccer program. So boys and girls of Lake Nona can learn  and develop in all areas so they become complete soccer players.

  • Essential motor skills
  • Individual ball skills
  • The four core skills in soccer (striking the ball, 1vs 1, first touch and running with the ball)
  • Decision making skills
  • An understanding the principles of play.
  • Teach the players how to use to create space and time.
  • Ball control skills
  • Goalkeeper skills
  • Good shooting technique

Moss Park and Randal Park soccer program coming soon:

We are super excited to announce that we will be opening our third soccer location within the Lake Nona area and it will be located between Moss Park and Randal Park. We will announce the grand opening within a couple of weeks. So stay tuned.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or just pre-registered for a FREE soccer class in our Hunters Creek locations or any other. Once again, thank you for visiting our website and look forward to meet you at our soccer training.

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