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Here at MSA (my soccer academy), the trainability of this category is measured by the degree of morphological or functional transformation incurred by the body subjected to the general conditioning process, through a specific training programs. The main idea is to train children in accordance to their age.

In children, growth and maturation can interfere either positively or negatively altering the effects of training. Remember that generally, teens in their aerobic capacity (expenditure of oxygen) is in itself very high, owing to the large amount of exercise regularly, either spontaneous or controlled. As a result, any program to improve it, must be vigorous.

Exercises of Aerobic Capacity for children Under 16 category

The limit for aerobic capacity trainability for children during their puberty stage. It is possible that the improvements prior to maturity, are due to changes caused by body growth and training. The elevation of VO2 max in response to exercise is not stable until the rapid growth phase.Soccer Training Plan for the Category Under 10. Please read and understand My Soccer Academy training plan for teenagers under 16 years of age.

Exercises by age groups:

Ages between 10 to 12:

Run length: according to individual capacity with walking breaks. You get to complete 8 minutes.
Children (boys) between 10-12 years and Children (girls) between 10-11 years, races up to 12 minutes. At first the resistance is negligible according to the speed of movement.

At nearly 10 years of age, a noticeable improvement is obtained; The child’s ability to perform the work on very intense and relatively short-slow runs are the primary means of training at this age. Under the condition of a progressive increase of the burden of the race, by the end of 12 years of age, the child can run 14-15 miles per week; system called: Systematic training practice.

Ages between 11 to 13:

Relief exercises on land of about 100 meters including pre Games that generate muscle reactions in confined spaces.
Exercises with technical basis and in contact with the soccer ball.
Reaction exercises based on repetitions and rest intervals of 35 to 40 seconds.
Ages between 14 to 16:

Exercises with soccer ball.
Technical-tactical resistance with emphasis on aerobic (with oxygen expenditure).
Improvement of physical deficiencies and individual qualities.
Recovery exercises, highlighted in the recreational dynamics.
All these processes of technical training, originate the emergence of excellent characteristics in adolescents. My Soccer Academy in Kissimmee and Orlando utilize a unique method of training: Soccer Academy training plan for teenagers under 16 years of age.